About liammelly

Imagine 4am in the middle of a packed Amnesia dancefloor. Lasers beam over head and ice cannons bring a momentary chill to the air. Hands are out-stretched and smiles are plastered on every punters face. Are we setting the scene for you? Pair this euphoria with fierce, thundering beats and youʼre half way to getting a grasp of the sound on offer from this exciting DJ and producer.

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Liamʼs tireless and focussed approach to his production career has earned him massive plaudits from A-List DJs the world over and cemented himself as a local hero on the Irish club circuit. His fast paced trance agenda has seen a string of releases on labels at the cutting edge of the scene and ensured the hype surrounding his rise into the upper echelons is fully justified.

Running in parallel to this heavy studio schedule was a DJ diary that saw him travel across the globe. Equipped with an arsenal of his own productions together with a confident and energetic presence behind the controls, it was a certainty that he would win over the hearts of the clubbers who packed the dancefloor in every city that he visited.

With no sign of this man letting up, and a boundless enthusiasm for the career he is carving out with every new release and each new gig that goes in the diary.................. I really hope you are ready!


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